Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday soliloquy

Go Sonics. So, we lost the game on Friday, and we will not speak of it. We have it set today. I have made sure of it. I have my lucky sonics socks on, my vintage sonics shirt on, and a ziplock bag full of extremely lucky confetti that fell from the rafters when the Storm won the championship last October. I think what happened friday was that I forgot the confetti, and Ethan and I wore these free giveaway sprite/sonics shirts with the goofy thirst guy on the front. I think the Sonics don't handle goofy well, so we are going traditional today. Yesterday, Ethan wore his black sonics hat and black sonics shirt in mourning for their loss. We got 'em today, though.

We went to see the hitchikers guide to the galaxy yesterday. It was funny and very strange. Definitely a unique movie. Ethan says it follows the book pretty well, and we both enjoyed it. They have already sold out the tickets for the opening show of Star Wars at midnight in a few weeks. Crazy. We want to see it, but we will wait a week or so until the crowds die down, and of course we are going to see it at the Cinerama. No other theater will do. The Cinerama is a theater that Paul Allen paid to have restored, and it is awesome. There is only one screen, and it is huge, much bigger that regular movie screens. It curves around slightly, making the movie seem real. And there is of course a state of the art sound system there. This theater is nationally known and gets mentions frequently across the country. Good stuff. We go to the huge movies there (like LOTR and other big blockbusters).

Anyway, I am very nauseaus all of the sudden, so I am going to go get a cracker or something to eat. I am sure I will update this if I actually vomit, so keep checking back!

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