Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fortune cookie

I didn't end up getting a cracker, since I suddenly remembered that I have a fortune cookie. My fortune reads "This year your highest priority will be your family". Lovely. Does that mean it won't make my hurl??

Anyway. I am no longer naueaus, so I am heating up my Curried Chicken from Friday. We ordered Chinese to eat during the last Sonics game. I have Curried chicken, garlic chicken, sweet and sour chicken, pork fried rice and shrimp curry for Ethan. Delicious, and the lady on the phone was so nice! It was from Hunan something or another. I found it through google by typing in Hunan and Seattle. So nice! So I am waiting for my food to cool off a bit. It is pretty hot right now. Still trying to figure out how to microwave things. I get scared, because the microwave in our pantry is from the 1960's and has a warning printed on it that says Caution--Stand back and other terrifying labels. And it heats water to almost boiling in 30 seconds. We have had three people burn themselves that I know of on food that is too hot/coffee, etc, and need to go to urgent care to have these actual burns treated. Not good. So I go slow and eat lukewam food if need be. At least my skin is all intact!


Mama-Beans said...

I am glad you are no longer nausious. Vomit.. and curried chicken? not a good combo. Actually, vomit and anything, not a good combination. I want to see Hitchikers Guide as well, but I have to wait till it comes out on DVD, so it will be years. The Cinerama sounds SO COOL! I'm gonna come up and visit later this summer, so maybe I'll get Papa to baby sit and you and I can go to the movies!

Davinie said...

Purchase a new microwave. They cost less than $100

Mama-Beans said...