Thursday, December 01, 2005

I just bought Photoshop CS2. Yippee! It was on massive sale on eBay, and is being shipped from England as we speak. The seller had a great rating and previous sales of the exact same thing, so I am sure it will be fine. I downloaded the 30day trial from, and will just add in the registration code once mine gets here. Which means.....I have it now. There are some awesome things on there!! I can massively fix pictures now, and there are tons of really cool options to explore. I am trying to find my old favorite features, since the layout is much different, but I am sure I will get there.

Anyway..........expect many more layouts, or at least edited photos.

It snowed today (a little bit), for the first time this year. All sorts of excitement there......but it is not sticking, so that is good. Driving really sucks with all that snow and idiot drivers out there.

AND....I have finished our Christmas stockings for this year (almost). Sadly enough, I tried embroidery for the very first time. Not that it looks bad--it is really nice. But I chose to embroider the Sonics logo to put on Ethan's Christmas stocking. That must be sad. I am doing the Seahawks logo next (but not any time soon--lots of other things to do first). I am working on my quilt again, too. Actually, I can't work any more, because I don't have any more thread. I will buy some more maybe this weekend and keep going. Maybe I will eventually finish it........


Mama-Beans said...

Embroidered logo... oh that is a little sad.. but then again, I'd do the same if I had such a hobby

Davinie said...

cool! The one you gave me is more than enough for my needs. I'm like a guy who drives but won't ask for directions. I guess I just need to get out the book! I just don't have the patience for that!