Thursday, December 29, 2005


I went snowshoeing on Mt. Rainier on Monday. Lots of fun! I don't have any pictures (left my camera in the car--there was SOOOO much snow coming down, I couldn't have used it), but we all enjoyed it. I went with Guiana, an RN from work, Louise, an ARNP from work, her partner, Susan, and a guy named Trent who I don't know how everyone else knows........
There were some initial concerns about the snow level, since it was up around 600 feet for a couple days before we went, and we were going to be at around 5000 feet, but it dropped down in time for us to miss out on any slush. The snow was coming down really hard for the first couple hours, but got much less, and much less windy later on.
Visibility was like 50 feet during the worst of it. But, oh so pretty! There was maybe 6-7 feet of snow that we were walking on, sinking in anywhere from a couple inches to a foot or so. There was so much white and wind out there, the world looked black and white. The trees were barely green and just so pretty. I must go back with my camera and take my time and get wonderful pictures. There were a couple of pretty waterfalls along the way, and a gorgeous little river. I am sure I could get some awesome pictures. Snowshoeing is definitely something I will be doing again. It was $20 to rent the snowshoes and ski poles, not too much, and it is $10 to get into the Mt Rainier National Park, but I will just end up getting the $30 annual National Parks Pass. Much better deal.
Anyway.......good time! Miserable conditions, and I was by far the person in the worst cardiovascular shape, but I hung in and did fine. We only went about 3-4 miles in total, but enjoyed the outing. I will have fun doing it alone with the camera. It is irritating to hike with someone who wants to take tons of pictures, because you end up standing and waiting, but alone I can move at my own pace and go where I want. The fun of snowshoeing is that you don't follow a trail--just go wherever you want, watching out for cliffs, etc (tee hee). There are risks involved, but not many, in the places I am interested in going and the things I want to see and photograph.

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Davinie said...

Cool. I think snoeshoeing sounds like a blast, and would love to do it myself. Check out the sites, get some exercise.... nothing wrong with that! Maybe someday when I'm not pregnant.... You should get with Papa and Cynthia sometime on that too. They are bringing snowshoes when they come down here next, and heading up into the hills.