Saturday, December 03, 2005


It is now official. I am excited about the Sonics again. We had a great game last night, very exciting and upbeat, winning over Lebron James and Co. So there

Nothing going on here (again). Working today, have tomorrow off, then on again Monday. Whoop-dee-do. I played around with Photoshop yesterday, still trying to find everything on there. I am finishing up a layout with the Shadow-man to complement the one with the Boo-kitty. I worked more on that one, too. I added a quote and need to do a bit more. For Shadows, there was a quote I saw in a poem on the bus (they have a poetry on the bus program where they have poems displayed on the upper walls). Anyway, the poem really fits. It reads:

. My cat licks my forehead
. and it feels like
. Absolution

It totally does! When I get down on his level and pet him and look in his pretty gold eyes, he will stretch up his neck and lick me right on the forehead. Feels like I have been forgiven for every crappy thing I have ever done to him, and I know he loves me. He is so sweet!

The current crappy thing I have planned for him is to put the Seahawks mini helmet on his head and take a picture. He won't mind THAT much, and we might win Seahawks pet of the week!

Boo NEVER licks. He bathes himself constantly, and once in a very long while he will lick/bathe Shadow, but never people. He just purrs frantically and drools everywhere, then shakes his head and flicks it everywhere. See why it is easier to love the Shadowman???

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Mama-Beans said...

You love your fur babies equally, I'm sure.... but I definately see how it is easier to feel affection for someone who isn't drooling on you all the time, and actually shows some love back to you once in a while...