Monday, December 05, 2005

Three more days!!

In only three more short days my air will be cleaner. December 8 of this year, Washington state will begin to enforce the most restrictive anti-smoking measure in the country. No smoking in ANY indoor establishment other than your own home, and no smoking within 25 feet of an entrance to any building other than a private residence. No smoking in bars, at concerts, sporting events, etc. So nice!! People have thrown small fits (the measure passed overwhelmingly, it wasn't even remotely close), saying that their civil liberties are being taken away. Well, a hundred years ago it was legal to snort cocaine and opium, and that was taken away. They are destructive to your body and the powers that be in this country decided that enough was enough, and that if you were too stupid to protect yourself from these things, they would just take them away and make it harder for you to harm yourself. Protecting the citizens. This is the same thing. I am all for smoking in public, as long as you wear a plastic bubble over your head to keep the smoke to yourself. Ridiculous. And to think of all the people that they hurt. Everyone says 'it's my body, my decision'. Yet, they get pregnant, and say, well if my baby is born premature or has issues (which smoking is KNOWN to do), that is MY problem. Wrong. That is the KID'S problem. For life. You can't take it back. No one has the right to do crap to someone else's body.
So, yippee!! No more crap in my lungs. Well, at least LESS crap in my lungs. On the 8th, I am going to symbolically cut off my red 1200 wristband (anti smoking) and leave it off. I won't need it anymore.

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Davinie said...

Congratulations on your clean lungs.