Thursday, December 08, 2005

What can I say...........

I am a passionate person. Seriously. Here are some things I am passionate about:

My husband, my marriage
My family
Being a nurse
Lord of the Rings
digital scrapbooking and PSCS2
anti-smoking (as of today, you can't in Washington's public spaces!!!)
tolerance and acceptance
being crafty and making pretty things
science fiction
Battlestar Galactica
Basketball and the Sonics and Storm
FOOTBALL!!! (Seahawks)
collecting various things
cooking seafood (odd, isn't it, since I won't eat it, but I really like finding new recipes and trying them out for Ethan. Maybe it is just that I like making food that he LOVES, and he really LOVES all seafood, except cod. I am going to Pike street tomorrow after work to get my eyebrows and eyelashes dyed, and I am gonna check out the seafood there in hopes of finding some calamari for Ethan. They just don't have it at QFC)
My kitties
learning new things

I am sure there are more things that I am passionate about, but these are the ones that come to mind right now......


Davinie said...

Has Sabrina called you about LOST? Apparently, in past episodes, they've given clues to future episodes, or some of the mysteries. Like in one episode when they were doing a flashback of the chinese couple, there was a TV in the background that showed the one guy winning the lottery. This was BEFORE we as the audience knew that he had done that. And, apparently last week, when the one girl went to visit her stepfather, there was a computer screen or something in the background that said that Saheed (?) was one of the military's 10 most wanted for torture. Interesting! Because of that, I was anxious to watch last night, and WHAT do they DO?! RERUN!

alyca said...

last night was a RERUN!?!?! We did not watch it (Ethan's alarm goes off at 0415, and that is just too late for us to be staying up these days), and were going to watch it later this week. That sucks!! I was on such a cliffhanger over that film and Sawyer and all that. Damn suspense shows.....They did the same thing with Battlestar Galactica, which just KILLS me, since I have to wait until January (last episode was in October) to find out. That show is awesome. Really. It must be the best acted, best scripted TV show I have ever seen. Really deep characters with great interactions, similar to Lost in that you keep learning new things about people you supposedly already know all about. Yes, it is sci-fi, but not cheesy or campy or corny at all. Really well done.