Saturday, May 20, 2006

Botanical update

The two rosebushes with no markers as to what color or type they are have started to bloom! One has a very sad teeny orange rose that is not a bud anymore, but is not really a is like an inch and a half tall and sorta moldy looking. Not my best example of growing stuff, and nothing I will photograph (unless I get some awesome ones later for comparison...), but it is there. There is another teeny orange bud on the same plant that is growing, and the larger rosebush right next to it has a glow in the dark bright pink bud that is an inch and a half tall, but still a bud. Maybe it will be a bigger flower than the other sad orange one. We shall see. hostas are hosta-ing, they have big stalks sticking out of them that are gonna bloom any day now, although it appears that the flowers will be white instead of purple as I was told....whatever. If it blooms I will be excited!
AND..I have been told that the enormous purple flowering bush in the corner of my yard is a lilac bush (thanks, Cynthia), and I have lavendar in my back yard, as well as rosemary (knew about the rosemary, but not the lavendar). I bought Ethan a freesia as a gift (along with a nice card.......), and it is living outside on the back railing. If it stays alive, I will plant it next week. Ethan thoughtfully demolished the ugly yellow and black flowery bush in the back yard that I HATED, and I now have an empty area that needs SOMETHING.

No sign yet of the callas that I planted, or the begonias, and Heidi is looking a bit peaked (actually, she looks dead.....but I am told not to lose hope....since she was forced to bloom in a greenhouse, she is not happy with the cooler arrangements outside, and will be a turd for this year, but come back strong next year if I keep watering and feeding her)

So, some growth, and some death, but overall more growth than death, especially if you count the weeds that are sprinting across the yard.


Mama-Beans said...

Ahh, the long awated botanical update. Many thanks!

I managed to kill, in 3 days, the mini rose bush Matt got me for our anniversary. Now that takes talent.

I see your thumb is greener... be sure to wash before going to work!

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