Monday, May 08, 2006

National Scrapbook Day

In honor of National Scrapbook day, and because Ethan was at work and I was home alone, I did some actual scrapbooking in my new scrapbook room. And, since it is the first paper scrapping I have done in over a year, it sorta sucks. BUT...the important part is that I DID it. So that was good. I did a page with a picture of Shadow, and used a very large letter S piece of chipboard that I covered with some yellowy patterned paper that matches Shadow's eyes and did my first usage of my foam stamps (which I apparently suck at) and some other doodads. It doesn't TOTALLY suck, but it pretty much does. It has no flow and no creativity and I dislike it, but not enough to dismantle it.
So there.
I have decided that I will NEVER get my scraproom all organized. I have too much crap. As in pictures. As in pictures that fall into so many categories, I can't organize them. Too, too many. I have lots of room in there, lots of cubbies, but need to figure out better how to do it all. Because, I have pictures of things, for example, my honeymoon. I have honeymoon pictures. I put them into an album (because they all fit in there), but I have doodads and napkins and brochures from Jamaica, and where do I put those?? I have some shoebox sorts of things that I have divided up by categories-one for Alaska, one for Hawaii, one for Bend and one for Crane. And some empty ones for who knows what. I need to break them down more, to make them more accessible (because I am SO not going to look through a billion pictures in the Bend box to find that one I remember where we are all sitting at the reindeer farm in a sleigh. Not happening). I bought some sorta clearish folders big enough for 8.5x11 stuff to store, and I put all my wedding mementos in one and labelled it, and put my honeymoon stuff in one and labelled it, but do I need to get a billion of them for the other stuff?? I have wedding and graduation announcements, wedding programs, certificates for various things that I have pictures to go with, etc, etc, etc. TOO MANY CATEGORIES!!
I did buy a nice (albeit cheap) natural light-light to give me better lighting in there. I also have the overhead light and a little clippy light that clips wherever I want it. And the cats are being good about not terrorizing my stuff while I am in there. Mostly because there is no room for them.
I do have a little tray for all my adhesives--glue, tape, 3D dots, etc, and one for my pens/markers and one that currently has packs of pictures that are labelled as to what they are pictures of, but need another home. Not sure what I will use that tray for. I have a medium size three drawer chest that has chipboard in the bottom, various alphabets (rub on, stickers, etc) in the top, and......I can't remember what in the middle section...something......anyway, the small three drawer chest has pictures in progress in the bottom (pictures I have done something creative to--cut out, matted, etc, but then abandoned and am not using for anything in particular), distressing tools in the middle (sanding block, sandpaper, pacman distressor thingie and Q-tips for inking edges), and tags and tag supplies in the top (tags and that skinny brown cord that is good for tying tags on with. Those are set. I also have little cubbie things with a lid that stack together, and each teeny cubbie has a single punch in it-corner rounder, star, tree, etc. They are labelled on the front so I know what is where.
On the back of my door, I have a shoe organizer thing that has pockets for shoes, I think 25 or so pockets altogether, and I have my shapie scissors and stamps and all sorts of things in there. It is right behind my chair and easy to reach. I do need another chair, though. Mine is too short right now, and I need one that is adjustable and can swivel. I like swivelling. And leaning back. But not TOO far.
So, that is where I am. I have a bunch of albums from Ethan's family (left by his grandmother--there is one really cool one that has pictures of her and her siblings from the 30's or so. Really cool, and another one that is her wedding album. Ella looks just the same today as she did when she was a teenager!) and scrapbooks we did a long time ago, and those are all set. I had some empty albums that I filled up with pictures, like honeymoon, Cuba, etc that I had a bunch of pictures that fit the category, and they were small enough and a small enough number that I could put them all into the album and label it. That works for some pictures, but I still have several piles of crap that has no category right now. For now, I am just shoving them to the side and working in the middle.......


Mama-Beans said...

OK, extremely and pathetically jelous of you ladies and your scrapbook rooms! Some day I'm gonna have me one of those! For now, Davinie's hutch seems to be doing the trick.
Pictures of your room, Alyca? Picture of your latest layout, even if you don't love it?

Davinie said...

Whew! Well, you can start by dolling out some of the family photos. I don't see why you should have them all....... but you are right, you will never be organized. There just isn't a way! Get a DYMO and some clear shoebox containers and separate some things, like stickers, chipboard, alphabets, etc. I also have mason jars for buttons, ribbon, flowers, etc. If you buy the cheap flowers from Michaels, just take the blooms off and stick them in a jar. Or, if you collect alphabets, I hear it's best to organize them by letter, because you don't always want to use the same style for every letter in a word. While I think it's a great idea, I'm not doing that, because with contest/magazine submissions, you always have to label every embellishment you use so that the appropriate manufacturer can be noted... and I don't know ALL of them at first site, so I still have to separate them by label.

Anyway..... would love to see the layout!

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