Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So...lots of fun with the camping, although it rained from an hour after we got there on Friday until late Saturday night, with a brief break, then rained again from first thing Sunday morning until Sunday afternoon. Not a downpour, but we did end up using umbrellas over our chairs if we were sitting out in front of the fire. It was still fun, though, despite the sogginess.

Happiness is hearing your husband giggle like a nine year old girl.
As I went to bed Saturday night, I could hear the fireside conversation going on, and it made me smile. SOmeone, we will just call him drunken idiot, decided to put his soggy shoes by the fire to dry out, then later (a couple hours), stumbled off to bed. We all forgot about the shoes, being that they were not OUR shoes, and commenced with the rest of our evening. Apparantly, shortly after I went to my tent, the left shoe burst into flame. NOt a little scorched, but a burst of actual flame from the heel. It was quickly put out, but there was much giggling about what to tell drunken idiot about his shoe come morning when he wanted to put it on. They decided to downplay it--tell him it would buff out, or he could put a little white out on it. Remember, there were some serious flames coming out of this, and half the heel was missing. These guys were giggling so hard with all their suggestions.....all in all, a nice evening. SInce the shoes in question were quite elderly, and that being the reason they were taken camping, it was not that big of a deal. The shoe owner ended up cutting the entire back off of both shoes, and wearing them like flip flops the rest of the stay.
But it was funny!!

We had lots of good food, good conversations, the beverages were plentiful, and the bocce ball was fun (except that I suck.) Maybe next time it will be drier, but that is the only change needed.


Mama-Beans said...

Yay, sounds like fun! Too bad no shoe picture though...

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