Thursday, May 11, 2006

I need to be stopped!!

Gotta quit going to the scrap stores. Really. I keep getting caught up in them. But I have lots of cool stuff now!
I did get a discount card, with two extra tags that I can give to other people so they can get 10% off anything they buy at PaperZone, in person or online, and in addition to any other discounts they are the first two people that let me know they want them can have them.....

Went to the doctor today. I don't really like my doctor, but the one I tried to get is not accepting patients right now, so I am stuck with my old one until the new one will take me!! The new one is used by pretty much all the nurses at work (it seems like). She is an OB/GYN so I can use her for primary care, but when we get around to having kids, she can do that too. And...she delivers at Swedish, which is where I would prefer to go. The nurses who go to her just LOVE her and rave about her. My doctor is okay, but just abrupt and I don't feel that she LISTENS to me. So there. My cholesterol is up a bit over last year, but my good (HDL) is up a bunch over where it was before (it was too low before) , so she is happy with the numbers. Go me!!

Atteempting to get inspired for scrapping, so I am going over to the do it yourself channel where they have scrapping shows, and digging through my scrapping magazines for ideas and inspiration to use my new goodies.....

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