Friday, August 11, 2006

Good things about having short (er) hair

1. The curl is back. Let me repeat---the curl is back. I need only apply the proper cremes and curl crap I usually apply, and I have a riot of curls ( I LOVE a riot of curls!!)
2. EVERYONE is asking me if I got my hair permed. Apparently the curl I thought I had really sucked. The curl is now back, back to where it used to be (back in high school)
3. The color looks nice, especially with the curls (did I mention the curls??)
4. I still need only spend 3 minutes on my hair in the mornings. A MUST for me!!!
5. I wear my hair down. Every day. I have yet to put it up (well, except late in the evenints, etc when I am home and going to be sleeping and don't want it down...and when it was straight the other day, I used a teeny clip to hold the front left portion up, which looked rather nice). I don't have to wait until I happen upon a good hair day to leave my hair down. Even the preemptive hair ties I bring with me for once the hair looks crappy have yet to be used. I still bring them with me, just in case......
6. I now use less shampoo and conditioner. I think. I find myself still squirting a handful into my hand in the shower, so I am probably using too much, but eventually I will get used to it and use less.
7. The curls are so soft and curly!! Have I mentioned that the curls are back???

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Mama-Beans said...

yay for curls! I say keep it shorter. It looks really nice!