Friday, August 04, 2006

GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?

Alyca has a new job, Alyca has a new job, Alyca has a new job, Alyca has a new job..........

My interview was yesterday for the UDF position. I was working (and orienting), but someone came in early to cover for me while I interviewed. A bit stressful, but not once I actually started. There was a panel of 6 people, and they all asked me questions from a list. I rocked it. I got everyone laughing several times, people were smiling, it felt really comfortable. I had good answers to all the questions (well, one was a bit iffy....but still fine. They asked me what two things I was most proud of in my current job....I told them that being on the organizing 5S team a couple years ago was, which is not so much, now I think about it....It just popped into my head because it reminds them that I do extra things that are not specifically in the RN role, because they interest me and need to be done {self motivated}. The other thing I said was that I presented at the Ortho core a couple times...this IS a big thing of pride for me. It was SO hard for me to do, and really stressed me out every time, but so GOOD for me, in my shyness to do. Also, it showed them that I do more things outside my regular role, and I am once again motivated)
Anyway....that was the only answer I would change. I left there knowing I would have a job today, and low and behold, I do. I will be working on 6east and the limited stay unit. I would much prefer working on 5 east with trauma patients, but I am still interested in the 6 east job, so it is okay. I told this to Jack, and he says there may be some possibility of rotating later on. I am okay, though. I will be working with Lindsay on 6, and I will be working only Monday through Friday, either 7-3:30 or 6-2:30, I forgot to ask.....No more weekends!! Not sure how the holidays will work out, vacations, etc, but so excited to have this job!

My back has been a source of worry to me. Nurses all end up with bad backs. Mine will last a bit longer now. That and the state of my nails...I have a horrible bad habit since I was a little kid of biting my cuticles. I have tried multiple, multiple times to stop. I couldn't do it the 4 years or so when I had braces on, but once they were off....I was back. My fingers are often sore from the cuticle tears, and this is so not good for being a source of potential entry for germs and diseases at work. I was always pretty good with gloves, but still worried a bit....still gotta figure out STOPPING, but less of a danger now.

AND...I get around $4 an hour more, and will be classified as a RN3 instead of RN2. A tiny bit on the management track, not really, but a tiny bit, if I so choose to go that way I am not setting myself back. I would have to go back to school if I seriously wanted to get into deep management, but I am not entirely sure that is for me. Doesn't matter. For now, I have a new job to learn. My last day on the floor will be Sunday. I am working 8 hours, and it is Seafair Sunday. I think I am orienting that day. Jack assures me that my orientee/new grad nurse will be taken care of and assigned another primary preceptor to work with, so she will be fine. I will be allowed to work on the floor if I so choose (overtime), so this is not the end of it for me. I do enjoy working with patients, and I want to continue that a bit so I don't lose my clinical skills.

Go Alyca, go!!


Mama-Beans said...

Oh WOW YAY!!! And $4 an hour more.... YAY!! SO proud of you! Very cool!

Davinie said...

That's awesome! Congrats!

grandmabon said...

You did it!!
I am so proud of you!!

Mama-Beans said...

Good lawd I sound just like Mom.