Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So....the good news for today is that I found someone who is coming over to my house this afternoon to remove my entire chain link fence. The fencing, the poles, the concrete chunks holding it down....the whole thing. For free. I put a listing on craigslist.com and got dozens of responses. This guy was first, so he 'wins' it. We are going to replace the fence with a vinyl one (or wood...depends on if vinyl can be made to go down a hill. If not, we will do wood), and we are putting in a hot tub set into the deck (Ethan went out and looked at a used one today--sounds really nice, and he has a friend he works with who is an electrician that checked it out with him and is willing to install it--he does this on the side as a business), and we are tearing out the front lawn to make a patio with some steps for plants. The back area I think will be torn out and be all teeny wood chips with some plants and flowers of my choosing. I am going to do the patio in front myself. There are instructions in my do-it-yourself book from Home Depot, and I think I can handle it. I just need a wheelbarrow and something to tear the yard up with. A shovel, and maybe the CLAW to rip things up a bit.

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Mama-Beans said...

talk to papa..he has a cement mixer and everything you'll need!