Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just for sitemeter.....bootylicious, toe fetish, Cheetoh

There are too many damn scrapbookers in this state.

The registration for the CKC convention started today, at 1pm. I logged in at 5:45pm, and all the good classes were already sold out. Mind you, this is for a convention in NOVEMBER. That is 10 weeks away. And the good stuff was sold out in 4 1/2 hours! Here is what I managed to book.......a couple of decent ones, and at least I will learn something in each of them, and as an added bonus...I get free admission to the sale booths too....
830 am--Kick it up a notch with cardstock
950 am--My daughters hand
1230 pm--Road Trip
150-350pm--Disney Board Book
430pm--Treasured Secrets Composition Book

I am less than thrilled with several of these, but it still should be a lot of fun. A whole day of scrapping fun!!!

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Davinie said...

That should be fun. Yah... you really need to get on there the minute you can. It was already being buzzed about at 2peas and people were already strategizing about how they'd use two screens to register two people at the same time. Glad you got some classes though! You'll have fun!