Thursday, January 12, 2006

All right, I'm saying it. I am saying it loud--


How can we not?? The Hawks are 9 point favorites this weekend against Washington, and are AT HOME with THE loudest crowd in the league (thank you very much). Home field advantage, crowd on your side, torrential downpour of biblical proportions (we are in our 25th straight day of rain, heading for a record of 33 straight days. I kinda hope we beat it!), we got this one.

And next week, with the NFC Championship game AT HOME, a win sending us to the big game, we are SO not losing!! We have conveniently purchased our home at a time whereas we will be moving on the off weekend between the NFC Championship and the Superbowl. How utterly thoughtful of us. Then again, NO ONE would help us move if we were doing it the week before or the week after.

As for the rain, let me point out that the average yearly rainful for SeaTac airport, Seattle's official measuring point, is 38 inches, while New York City gets 42 inches a year, Tampa Florida gets 47, Miami gets 57 and Atlanta gets 48. And you know what--we like it. I own several umbrellas (giveaways from Sonics games), and haven't used one since I can remember. It is just rain! It hardly ever downpours when I am out and about, it is much more likely that we are having some form of heavy misting, sprinkles, etc.
There are dozens of ways to describe Seattle's rain. Our forecasters have some creative terms to describe all of our 'liquid sunshine'. This is what gives us our vibrant greenery, flowers and fruits growing everywhere on their own, with little help from someone with a so-called green thumb.
People who live here don't complain so much about the rain. Out of towners may throw a fit and say it is depressing, but I have never seen a more uplifting site than that of a teeny patch of blue sky amidst the grey, or a peek of the sun during a break in the clouds. Have you ever seen the sun and smiled, just because it is there?? We do, all the time. We don't take it for granted, and we totally appreciate it when it does 'come out'. On my latest snowshoeing trek, it was foggy and thick and white everywhere. But two or three times the mist parted and we saw glimpses of blue, and everyone stopped and pointed and yelled and smiled and we were thrilled to get a teeny peek of the sky above.
So, next time you feel sorry for me or want to bash on the weather here in Seattle, think twice. It may only be bothering you. I live here and I love it. And we have enough people living here already, thankyouverymuch, so stay in your sunny utopia and leave the rain to me! (But could you give a few Californians a ride out of here?? They are really messin up our traffic......)

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Davinie said...

It wasn't long ago when you were trying to tell me it didn't rain there much..... you Oregonian transplant you. :)

Anyway, glad you are excited about the SB. It must be exciting having the home team a possible contender. Steve's parent's are having their annual bash, so we should be there in spades, celebrating with you if they win. You should call Uncle D and dish. He's been a Seahawk fan since forever...