Thursday, January 12, 2006

Our wood flooring


Davinie said...

Laminate? What color is this. I think it might be very close if not the same as mine! Perty! Now, get a swiffer.

We could have saved you money and Steve could have helped Ethan install this flooring for you.... You should have told us when you were moving sooner so that we could come up and help! I see how you are!

alyca said...

We are getting an amazing deal on this. THe brand is Shaw, which has a great reputation, and this particular color is on sale. THere was a factory mistake on these, which is why we are getting the deal (less than half of what the others go for). THe deal is that they make a 7mm board and an 8mm board, the 8mm being a higher quality and lasting longer than the 7mm ( I believe it is a 25 year warranty versus 15 years). ANyway, this particular color is only sold in the 7mm, but they goofed and it was done on the 8mm board. We are going through Carpet Liquidators to get this, and they buy overstock and things like this, so they get good stuff, and crappy stuff and deals like this. THis can't be sold in stores, since they don't officially make it. But we get the warranty and the great price, and it happens to be the shade I really like. NOt too dark, not too light, not too red. We are going to pay less per square foot for the laminate flooring than we are for carpet.