Friday, January 13, 2006

T minus 27 hours, 48 minutes

It's coming!!! We are going to bare our weekly tailgate party at Argens again (only 3 blocks from the stadium). There are a couple current Argens employees that have season tickets, and we always meet up and tailgate there before the home games. We have a big BBQ that belongs to Argens, and the obligatory Seattle tent top for the rain, a TV on a long extension cord that perches precariously on the hood of Dale's truck so we can watch other games in progress, or in this week's case, the pregame. We always bring brats to grill, and I make a 7-layer dip with chips and there is chili and veggie trays, etc. Lots of fun. Since it is private property, we can also have beer/alcohol there. It is smack dab in the middle of most of the Seahawks traffic, since we are so close to the stadium, so people are always walking by trying to get a free beer. We always end up with way too much food, so we send Dale, our ambassador, over the the shelter across the street, or under the viaduct to round up some of the homeless guys hanging out, and we give them all the hotdogs and shishkebobs, etc that we have left. There is always enough for at least 3-4 people. Then it is off to the game! Sadly enough, the only Seahawks gear I own is my beanie. But, it is always needed at the games, so I get to wear it every week. I put on a Huskies sweatshirt, my blue/grey scarf that is Seahawks color even if it is not Seahawks brand, and my blue warm waterproof coat. Our seats are cheap, but that is good, since only the upper level is under cover. We never get wet at the games! Actually, our seats are NOT cheap, but they are not in the lower deck or anything. We sit around the 10-15 yard line, 12 rows up in the 300 level. There are like 45-50 rows, so we are not THAT high up. Great view.

Anyway, be there or be square!! Can't get tickets to this game (come on--this sold out in only 10 minutes when they opened up to sell the gaime), but you can watch it at home ahd wear something blue or green. Go hawks!!!

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