Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let us discuss the fact that I cannot speak today. My voice was left somewhere on Qwest Field, I think. I will have to go back next Sunday and look for it, although there is some concern that I will just lose it again. I am forgetful like that.

Can you believe it!?! We lost Shaun Alexander in the first quarter to a concussion, and still got the win. I have heard 'Sweet Home Alabama' so many times this year......they play it whenever Shaun gets a TD, (Alabama is his alma mater). Since he did set an NFL record for the most touchdowns EVER in a season, you can see why it was stuck in my head. Not yesterday, though. Only 9 yards, a fumble and a blow to the head. BUT......he will be back.

And what about Lofa Tatupu?!? He is and has been simply awesome. Should have gotten rookie of the year, but at least we will see him in the Pro Bowl. He will be awesome to watch for years to come.
Waiting for next week, and hopefully the Chicago Bears coming to town.....

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