Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another thought about rain/water

I was just thinking......the other day (well, a couple weeks ago) Ethan and I were heading to a Sonics game (of course) and there was tons of water (this was in the begining stages of this monsoon season we are in). Anyway, we were standing under the monorail tracks (which are sadly no longer used), waiting for the light to change so we could cross the street in front of the Space Needle. And......a car came speeding alond towards us, and ran through this monster puddle and a huge wave of water washed over both Ethan and I from head to toe. It was hysterical. Just like something out of a movie. We weren't even upset, it was so funny. Things like that don't happen in real life!! Ethan saw the car and puddle just before it happened, and tried to pull me away, but only managed to pull me in front of him, so only his right side was drenched. He tried.......

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Davinie said...

(gasp!) That is a little hysterical, and hopefully unavoidable on the cars part. As for you getting totally drenched because Ethan managed to pull you in FRONT of him.... not sure about that, but you should have tossed him in the puddle so you'd match.

Anyway.... watch Lost last night? ECHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not what I was expecting, not that I had any theories!