Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fancy feet update

so far so good. We have lost 3-4 toe covers so far, but that is to be expected, since it is their first time with them on. The good thing is that cat claws shed layers every 4-6 weeks, and that is when the covers come off (with the layer still glued inside), and the ones that we have found around the house have the layer of claw inside, which means they aren't pulling them off--it was just the time for the claw to be shed, so the new replacements should last for the expected 4-6 weeks. I had accidentaly glued one of Shadows claws to him (I glued myself to.......myself......), and had to wait a few days for the glue to break down so I could put a cover on it. They still have their back claws, but those are not very sharp since they use them so much. Wrestle mania is also more fun now, since I know now that they aren't hurting each other (they used to occasionally draw blood). They are buddies and brothers and all that, but wrestling is fun and they sometimes got a claw stuck in each other. No one is picking on anyone, though. Just regular run of the mill sibling rivalry.

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jc_people said...

Very awesome!! Very glad that you went this route instead of the declawing. It is a very painful procedure! I always think cats look so loved and well cared for when I see one with claw covers on!! Good luck with it!!