Saturday, January 07, 2006

My biggest obsession yet

I have a new obsession. It has been coming on for a while now, I have definitely felt it coming. It is probably my healthiest obsession, so I suppose that is good. I am obsessed with Mt. Rainier. I went snowshoeing there a couple weeks ago, and have hiked there several times. I look for 'the mountain' every day on my way to work, and when she shows her face (only on clear days), it is awe inspiring. What a beautiful mountain! I recently bought a book with the 50 best hikes on Mt Rainier, and another one called 'the big fact book about Mt Rainier', which was really interesting. I can tell you whatever you want about the mountain and it's history now. I just love it. How amazing it is that I can live somewhere with such a beautiful mountain so close by. Then again, it is due to erupt sometime, so I guess it would sorta suck to be here for that, but that is only a once-in-a-couple-thousand-years kinda thing, so I will risk it. I am getting a National Parks pass asap, and the first day I have off when it is not crappy on the mountain, I am heading up for some solo snowshoeing and photo taking (only on the trails, no adventures when I am all alone), and I will be back plenty of times, I am sure. I must get others interested too.....I don't know where this obsession will take me, be it the 14, 411.1' summit or just the flower fields of Paradise, but I am excited to have something healthy to obsess over.


Mama-Beans said...

Yes, sounds so fun!!

so WHEN do you get KEYS?????

Davinie said...

That's a nice thing to be addicted to.