Wednesday, June 16, 2010

After a brief rest break in our hotel room, we decided to use our Metro passes and head over to the Colosseum to take some pictures of it lit up at night. Nevermind that it was pouring down rain. At least there were no other tourists there jockeying for position for the best pictures!! I used Ethan's hat as a cover over my camera, and got a few pictures in. We were having fun, so we took the metro from here over to the Spanish steps to repeat the process. Usually jammed with tourists, we were pretty much the only ones there, too. These two places are the only touristy places right on the Metro line (other than the far off vatican), and we didn't want to walk in all that rain, so we headed back to our room (at this point it was nearly midnight anyway), and packed up for our return home the next morning.

It was a rush for our shuttle bus in the morning, then a long ride to the airport. A rush onto our plane.....where we sat for 2 hours on the tarmac awaiting the Spanish airspace to free up from extra volcano traffic so we could take off. A long 10.5 hour flight to Chicago, where we found our Seattle flight quite delayed. After about 4.5 hours of that delay, it was another long flight back to Seattle, a taxi ride home, and some cats who were seriously peeved with our long abscence.

You never know how it will be travelling with someone, even someone you love dearly. Ethan and I have taken beach/resort vacations before and had a wonderful time, but we had never taken a travelling/museum/site exploring vacation, and were really not sure how we would be together-differend styles/interests/energy levels?? As it turns out, we did awesome. No major gripes or fights or anything at all. I am sure Ethan was not my biggest fan after that German chair lift incident, but he brushed it off and went on with his vacation. We rock. Totally going back again. And with the Euro plummeting, we are considering heading back in April of next year. Not sure where, but we will have an awesome time regardless.

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