Sunday, June 06, 2010

This church is massive. Much more popular/well known than our previous church, but still a place of quiet beauty. Tourists were actually pretty good about being quiet as they wandered through. But, there was a group huddled outside one of the alcoves where a service was actually being held.....and despite the large, clearly viewable signs asking them not to.....they were taking pictures and videos of the worship service in session. Tacky, tacky, tacky. We were embarrassed to see it, and moved along so as not to be lumped in with idiot tourists.

This church was located here after the Virgin Mary appeared to the Pope way back in the 300's and told him to build her a church at the place where the snow falls--the next morning, there was snow here and nowhere else, so they built the church here. Snow in August, by the way...

This is the burial place of the famous sculpter Bernini, and also houses relics that are supposed to be part of the Nativity crib. A lovely church with beautiful architectural touches everywhere.

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