Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Torre Argentina

From here we decided to get some Italian gelato, then walk over to Largo Argentina, home of the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary. I have previously discussed this wonderful place on my blog, but it is just so very wonderful I must discuss it again. Staffed by volunteers, they care for several hundred cats every day. Cats that are left to die in the US, or are put to sleep. There are cats with three legs or no eyes or nerve problems. Cats who are very old, cats with open wounds and abscesses. Cats, cats, cats. Many are outside, free to come and go as they please. Others are kept inside until they are healed, or their vaccinations are complete. Some are segregated out because of infectious diseases. All are cared for, and cared about. We fell in love with a teeny tiny black kitty named Frank Sinatra, who is scared of his own shadow, and everything else.

We bought some trinkets at their thrift store and made a donation, then followed the advice of one of the volunteers and headed to the Trastevere area, across the Tiber river. Along the way, we stopped at Piazza Navona, and watched a street performer get out of a straight jacket that was padlocked shut. We walked for quite a bit, and found a little restaurant tucked along an alleyway and stopped for dinner. Delicious pasta and a wonderful carafe of wine. Just the teeniest sparkle to the wine. I loved it, and so did Ethan.

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