Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One of many 3-legged cats safe amongst the ruins

Our focus today was on getting back to Torre Argentina, the cat sanctuary. Over our 2 hour lunch earlier in the day, we talked about that little cat we saw the day before--the tiny black one who was so skittish. We made up our minds that we were going to try to adopt him. So we headed back.

Unfortunately, one of the volunteers there dissuaded us from attempting adoption, since we live in the US. He said he would rather we adopted a cat in the US, since we have kill shelters, and the Roman cats would never be put to sleep.

I spent a while in the enclosed cat area, petting little Frank Sinatra the cat, who was hiding in a covered litter box--the one enclosed area he could find where he knew no one would sneak up on him (litter box was clean). He was quite happy to be petted, and rubbed up against my hand asking for more...but not ready to be picked up and held. Too much going on. He was being playfully stalked by a one eyed cat who could easily tell that he was freaking little Frank Sinatra out, and was totally enjoying himself. I shooed him away again and again.

We reluctantly left as the shelter closed to visitors at 6pm. Upon further reflection......we changed our minds and started emailing the shelter right after we got home. Yes, we can adopt a cat here...but this particular cat, our Frank Sinatra, needs us. We met him, we know him, and he is NOT happy in the situation he is in. Constantly being spooked by one of the other 30 or so inside-only cats there, always looking for a quiet hidey hole. He will be happier here. Still working on the logistics, but we WILL get him home.

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