Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rome Day 3

Our plan for this day was to go to the Vatican Museum, then St Peter's Basilica. That is all. But.....we took the metro over to the Basilica, exited to a whole lot of rain, and saw a line that wrapped around the entire square, and then some. At this point in our vacation (the very last day), I was *so* not up for standing in the rain for an hour. So, we left. I know we will go back. I *will* get to see everything. I am unconcerned about having missed it.

We headed instead to the nearby Castel St Angelo. It has had many uses over the years (as a fortress, as a hiding place for popes, etc), and now houses a museum. We toured around, ending up at the very top, where we had fabulous views of Rome and St Peter's Basilica.

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