Monday, January 24, 2005

Back at work

Slightly irritated. Much better than the steamroll of irritation I had this morning when I walked into work and realized that there were only 4 patients on our entire floor, so all but one of the nurses was floated to another unit. I ended up on 3East, medicine/telemetry/dialysis. Could have been worse, but that is not the point. We are all float pool nurses now! I don't want to work on a unit where 90% of the time I am floated to another unit. I asked my manager to switch me to the 5th floor, but I know that will make no difference. This whole new unit idea sucks, but management is the decision maker, so we just get screwed.

This weekend was great. Morgan and Raegan and Sabrina and Davinie and Steve were great to see, and I got to see Daryl and Ardena for poker night on Friday ( and Andy). Although I lost in poker (and discovered that I much prefer 3-5-7 to Texas Hold'em), I had a good time.

Saturday was a day of pink balloons and baby girls. There was one 4 month old boy, but all the rest were girls. The party was fun. I will put up pictures when I get a chance.

Sunday was a morning of picture taking extravaganza with Morgan and Raegan, both of whom did not want to cooperate in the least. But that still makes for cute pictures. I will put thos up also......

Oh, and Raegan was PERFECT on the plane. A little fussy on the way down, but slept the entire trip back--not even a peep out of her.

Still waiting for my king size mattress, although I am starting to like having the queen sized one. It leaves a 6 inch area of wood for me to use as a step to get into bed. I am not entirely sure I would be able to get into bed with out it. We will have to see, because I am sure we will have that King mattress out here sooner or later.

Okay, I need to make another check on my restrained patient to be sure she is still restrained, in bed, and breathing. And not bleeding. She kept kicking the side rail and made her foot bleed, so I put a padded bootie on her foot. I hope it is still in place.

Also, still waiting for more comments. This is only fun to do when people make comments. Otherwise, it's just like I am emailing myself, and I already know all of this stuff.....

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Mama-Beans said...

I read this every day, so don't quit! it's kinda cool to have a peep into the daily life of Alyca... Hay, when are you gonna take pictures of your BEDROOM?!!