Saturday, January 15, 2005

Okay. I am home. Finally. Took a bit longer than I thought, but I made it. Sabrina and Matt ended up driving my car to their house, and Ethan and I unloaded all the furniture at our house, driving their truck. I smashed my thumb in the process, but I think the nail will not fall off. However, I have never had an injury that caused the nail to fall off, so this is pure speculation. All I know is, it REALLY hurt!! It was throbbing pretty good, and really stiff to move. But, better now.

My entire house is covered in dripping wet furniture. Living room, kitchen, and bedroom. But it is all here. Don't think we have it in us to put it together tonight. Maybe next week sometime, seeing as how I am leaving first thing in the morning to go to Portland to watch figure skating with my sisters and mom, and not coming back until evening, and working 7-7 on monday. We'll see. I would feel bad if I came home and Ethan had done it all himself. There are four billion parts to attach, and no manual to say how to do it. Not that he would consult a manual if there were one.....

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