Thursday, January 20, 2005


Back at work again, for 12 hours today. I am finally back on the 6th floor. Our unit has been sort of split up into planned admissions on 6 and trauma admissions on 5 (the RN's are very upset, and I don't think it will work out in the long run). I am supposed to be on the 6th floor for the next 2 months as we orient half our staff at a time to the new format for these patients. THe problem is, there are few or no planned admits on weekends, so our census is really low weekends and Mondays, and the nurses get floated to other units, which sucks. I was semi-lucky to be floated to the 5th floor the last few days. So I am happy to be back. It was nice seeing the trauma patients this past week, but I like this floor as well.

Today is Morgan's birthday. One year old! I will have to call. Small snafu yesterday where Sabrina emailed me to not forget to call her for her birthday (she thought yesterday was the 20th, and I had 2 days off from work and therefore had no clue what the date was), so I called yesterday on accident. Oh, well. She will never know.....

I must say, I LOVE my new bedroom. We have most of the extra stuff moved out, and it is nice just to spend time in there. The bedroom set takes up the entire room, but it looks nice. We just need to get our king size mattress in there, and we will be set.

Oh, Ethan has discovered that Shadow can, in fact, jump quite high. He loves to throw himself at the door when we are in the sports room with the door closed, and Ethan managed to watch him do it one day (Shadow sometimes likes to try to outguess us when we walk down the hall, rushing up and jumping at the exact moment when we open the door, so he can sneak in. He guessed wrong, and ended up jumping while Ethan opened the other door). Anyway, he jumped so high, his back legs were above the doorknob. Pretty high for a Shadowman! No word yet o nhow high the Boo-kitty can jump. Then again, he is more of an elongator, rather than a jumper. He is, after all, the elongated kitty.


Mama-Beans said...

hay, lets get a picture of your new bed set in your room!

alyca said...

I will put up pictures next week of our bedroom. The room is a little messy still, and I don't want that immortalized on film.