Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Well, my room is looking divine. The bed is now at armpit height, since Ethan put the futon mattress on the top of the regular mattress (there is nowhere else to store it), so we need stairs to get into bed. I swear--one of us is going to fall out of bed some morning and break our neck. At least I know the fundementals of cervical spine stabilization.

My goal for today is to shower. Soon. I have discovered that I HATE showering. I love it once I am actually in the shower, but it is like pulling teeth to get me to go in there. After much internal debate, I now realize that this is because I don't like having to stop doing something and start something else. This is the same reason why I tend to not go to the bathroom until it is URGENT. I don't want to stop what I am already doing. Interesting tidbit.

After my shower, I am thinking about going to the Hanson's fabric depot to buy fabric to make a quilt. Mom gave my a sewing machine, which I did not want, but I am now thinking that as long as I have it, I should make a king-sized quilt for my new bed. Having no sewing experience and no particular quilting knowledge, this may be interesting. Maybe I will end up with a quilt for the cats to sleep on. We'll see. We also have a Sonics game tonight, vs the......actually I am not sure who we are playing. Maybe the Nuggets??
In the manner of all cheap sports fans, I am thinking of going to the liquor store to buy a little bottle of rum to go in my overpriced, watered down Key Arena coke. They charge $6 for a soda there. Ridiculous. A glass of wine is $6.50, but I have had bad luck with those. They taste great, don't get me wrong (actually, I specifically got the same wine that I get at Sonics games to have at my wedding. Bet you didn't know that), the problem is that a few games ago, the bumbling woman who sat next to me managed to rip my entire full wine glass out of it's special little cup holder in my armrest and dump it all over the floor and drench my coat. I had to get a plastic bag to carry my coat in, and walk to the car in a T-shirt. I was slightly annoyed. She never even noticed that she did it, although her husband did buy me another glass of wine. I was just thinking the whole night about that long cold walk to the car. Good thing the Sonics won. It is a scientific fact that the temperature outside is a few degrees warmer after a win. Anyway, I knew it was an accident, but that doesn't help to dry off a soaked coat.

Anyway, back to the illicitly spiked coke. The soda cups have lids. I had a rambunctious kid knock over my soda cup, but the lid saved the day, and therefore I prefer that. Plus, who doesn't love rum and coke??

So, I think I am done putting it off. I am heading to the shower.. Oh, but also, I get to stock my drawers today! There are only 8, not 9 like I thought previously, but they are all mine. So far, I have one for socks, one for underwear/bras, one for pj bottoms/shorts, one for crappy Tshirts that I sleep in, and 4 more to fill. So exciting! I have already designated the top shelf in my very own cupboard as the place for camera equipment, and the telephone and alarm clock are on my side of the bed on the counter. We put all of Ethan's Star Trek stuff on the very top of the headboard, and I am going to move the philadendron from the living room into the space that is left. The cats keep trying to eat it, and it is on their list of poisonous things that they are not supposed to get, so it would be safer in our room.

The lower shelf on the headboard is where all of my Lord of the Rings stuff is. I have Minas Tirith, the Golden Hall, an Orc helmet and the weapons of Gimli. Looks a little bare, so I bought Pippin's Gondorian helmet today off of ebay to fill it in a bit. (don't tell Ethan...) That shelf also has Ethan's military jets and helicopter die casts. He got an awesome F15 or F14, I don't remember which, for Christmas from Matt. Very cool. Our room finally looks like a grown-up room. Real furniture and all. Now we need something to go on the wall at the foot of the bed. A picture or a painting or something. Ooh..maybe our wedding picture thing that we had people sign. But I need to get the negatives from my photographer so I can print out a big picture to put in there.

Back to that shower.........

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