Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Okay..yesterday's Sonics game did not go as planned, but unfortunately, you just can't win them all. Also, I did not go to the liquor store (or the sewing store). We ended up meeting Justin at a new bar called Sport that is right next to the space needle. Extremely overpriced, so I think we will probably not go there again. Justin got to go to the game and sit in a suite, so he was there with a bunch of coworkers.

Today, my goal is to go get ear mite drops for Boo. Shadow had ear mites a few weeks ago, and got drops from the vet, and I just want to make sure that Boo didn't get them. We are not sure how they got them in the first place, since they are inside only cats.
My other goal is to get a gift for Morgan's birthday, and to call and wish her a happy birthday. One year old today! I am flying down Friday morning with Sabrina and Raegan for her birthday party. Should be interesting flying....we'll see how Raegan does. I think it will be allright, but Sabrina is worried that she will scream the whole way. We shall see.

I looked into the whole quilt thing, and it appears that I will need to do some research into what kind of pattern I want to do, and how big to make it, etc. The instruction websites all say that you need to sew two squares together, then iron them to keep them flat. Yuck. I hate ironing. Will it really make that much of a difference?? I guess I will find out. I cannot see myself ironing a bunch of material, so I may end up with a lumpy quilt. Whatever.

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Mama-Beans said...

HAY... DON'T CALL TO WISH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! it's the 19th.. I looked at my calendar wrong and thought it was the 20th and called... on the wrong day. oops!