Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration woes

Can I just say that the whole thing is fairly irritating to me?? I am not a 'W' fan. Not at all. For more information, go to (not sure that is a real website, but if it is--you should go). I realize that film is a lot of stuff taken out of context, and bits and pieces all put together, but there is still a strong point there. Anyway. I am not a Democrat, definitely not a Republican. I prefer to think for myself and make decisions on how I feel about an issue, rather than blindly choosing a political party and assuming they have some clue about every issue that comes up.
One of the nurses I work with is a very strong Republican, but I do believe she tries to think for herself and is not totally blind to what is going on in the real world, so I have respect for her. Another nurse is very strongly anti-Bush/Republican. Not a democrat, more of an independent thinker, and definitely a liberal. I love working with her. She really researchs issues and bases her opinions on facts, not just some little saying she heard here or a news snippet there. That is pretty cool.

Off the political stuff.........I had lunch with Ethan today, because his boss went up to the UW to help with some lock stuff there. I will refrain from discussing him on this board, because I don't want anything to get back around somehow and get Ethan in trouble. Suffice it to say, his boss was gone, and we had lunch. Not that we are not allowed to have lunch together, but I wouldn't really want to go down to the lockshop if he were there, and Ethan wouldn't really want me there.
Only 4 more hours to go, then it is off home to make a huge pot of spaghetti for Ethan to eat this weekend, and pack my bags, and pack Morgan's birthday stuff (I called her today to say happy birthday. Her response was to push the #3 button on the phone. I take that as a 'thank you aunt alyca').

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