Monday, January 31, 2005


I have the day off today, which is nice. I must say, I am constantly getting irritated at work these days. I am supposed to be on the 6th floor new planned admission unit, but I really can't remember the last time I was there. I have spent most of my time on the 5th floor, as well as a day on the 3rd floor and one day of education where I wasn't on any floor at all (actually, I was on the 9th floor, but I had no patients, so it doesn't really count). THere have been very few patients on the 6th floor, because it is such a bad idea to do, so the nurses have become float pool nurses who flit about the hospital spreading our cheer from floor to floor. Actually, we are all getting irritable and moody and starting to not like each other. It sucks.

I am working 3 days in a row starting tomorrow (not by my choice), a 12, then an 8 then a 12. Since it is in the middle of the week, I am hoping that I will end up on the 6th floor, since that is when they tend to have more patients. And, since it is days in a row, they should keep me on whatever floor I start out on tomorrow, so I guess I will see. Not holding my breath, though.

Ethan is doing fine. No headaches at all, clear vision, just a weeping area on his forehead that is much improved. He is filling out an incident report today.

We are talking about possibly going to Mexico this fall (November), and having Justin and Kim come along with us. That would be so much fun! The all inclusive places down there are really cheap (like $500 or less for 5-7 days for both of us, depending on how many stars we want for our accommodations.), and we have enough air miles built up for us both to fly free, or we can use our buy one get one for $50 voucher from alaska airlines. I think this would be a ton of fun. We could do stuff together as a group, but also go off on our own as couples. And the all inclusive thing is great- no worries about paying for things, where to go for food, etc. We had a great time in Jamaica at Sandals for our honeymoon, and it would be nice to try it again. Ethan will have vacation time built up by then, so it would be a great time.

We are trying to have one big vacation every year, and some little-er ones to Vegas or California mixed in. We always have a great time in Vegas. We don't gamble at all-just don't see the fun of it, so we do a TON of walking around (less now that their monorail is working--that thing is great!), sightseeing, going to shows, eating good food, and just generally being on vacation. We have discovered the Star Trek Experience, which is a ton of fun. I get tons of info on . This website is hilarious, and has great links to each hotel. I use it to check out prices and get the best deals. I think I was a travel agent in a former life. I have booked Ethan's trips to Vegas with the Vegas 5 twice, and had a great time doing it. They stayed at the Excalibur the first time, and the Luxor the second time. And it was not my fault that their airline went out of business the night before their flight down, leaving them stranded here until we got alternate arrangements made.

Enough vacation talk. Actually, can there BE enough vacation talk?? Maybe not. Vacations are one of the reasons we work. You work to finance your life. We have had a lot of talks recently about this (Ethan and I). We are growing up. We are real adults with real responsibilities and we have to act that way. We have our retirement funds set up (I love checking mine online at and and seeing how they are faring), and now that Ethan is finally a permanent employee, we both have pensions, also. We just refinanced our condo to a 15 year loan (closed on the 28th), and have plans to pay it down to about 20k in the next 2 years (hopefully). We want to do lots of things together--vacations, etc. It's funny. People at work and everywhere, it seems, constantly ask me when Ethan and I are having kids. My standard answers are either that my sisters are already repopulating the earth and I can wait awhile, or that I am not mature enough. Yesterday at work, I had a talk with one of the other nurses, Joe, and gave the maturity response. The funny thing is, BECAUSE Ethan and I ARE mature, we aren't having kids yet. We know that if we just wait a while, having kids will be so much better. If we wait, we can have a house with much more space than this little condo, more money in savings so I can take some time off after having a baby. Also, I have some requirements before I have kids. I must be able to maintain a clean or at least semi-clean house (tough to do here since ther is NO space to put anything!), and I must cook or in some way make food for us every day, rather than just buying lunch at work or getting crap from somewhere else. At least most days. So there. Once that happens, we can have kids. So, to everyone out there---QUIT ASKING US WHEN WE ARE HAVING KIDS!!! We will do it when we are good and ready, and not a day before.

Blah, blah, blah. I think that is all I can write for today. I want to edit some more of the Morgan's birthday pictures so I can get them up on .


Mama-Beans said...

OK< NO MORE ASKING!! I'm glad you have a good plan for family, anyway. Me, I'm just not that organized. I knew that if we waited till everything was right, we'd never have wee ones. So, i figured we had the most important stuff ( love, strong relationship, etc) and the rest ( a stable income, for example) would come with time. That's what works for us, but it can't be that way for everyone!

Your pictures look great!!

Davinie said...

You aren't fooling ME for a minute. If Ethan said "hey baby, let's procreate", you'd moon me as you raced by on your way to the bedroom. But hey, it's a positive attitude, and I am definitely jealous of all the vacations. We'll be staying around the great state of OR for a few years, to the coast, and to the lake and such, maybe to the zoo in Portland, and to the Enchanted Forest, until Morgan is a bit bigger. But then, on a vacation we will go.