Monday, January 17, 2005


Well, it ended up being only 3 stops on the way down, and NONE on the way back! Raegan was quite content in her little carseat. Figure skating was fun, as was our nice lunch at the Olive Garden, although I forgot to grab my doggie bag, and left it on our table when we left. Oh, well

Ethan was busy while I was gone--he put the entire bed set together, moved the excess furniture out, and the room is so small looking right now! We still need to pick up our mattress set, because the queen we have now is too small, but we are almost there. I am looking forward to filling all the drawers on my side. Finally, we can wash all our clothing and have somewhere to put it!

Sonics won last night, beating Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in what was a great game. I was driving back from Portland and did not hear or see the game, but I heard all of the postgame interviews, and sounds like it was a good one (confirmed by Ethan).

Back at work today-Martin Luther King day, which means holiday pay!! Time-and-a-half for me. Ethan has the day off, which is nice for him. He worked over the weekend, so he deserves some time off.

Anyway......going back to work now....

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just joe said...

hey, if you have the time and energy pleas keep posting new blogs. I might not have a lot to comment on them, but it's nice to get to know more about you. It's unfortunate that we don't spend more time together, ever since I moved in here with Sabrina I've found out a lot about her. I got really sick today, and she was on the phone calling the doctor, she brought me medicine and chicken noodle soup...she's such a sweetheart. It makes me think that all of my sisters are very warm hearted, I don't get to see it every day. I'm enjoying your web site, keep it up