Monday, January 17, 2005

Late in the shift....

Almost done! It is so nice having patients who appreciate you. Or patient who appreciates you. At the moment, I have two patients in surgery (actually, one in surgery, one in the waiting room), and one on the floor, who appreciates me.
It is really foggy outside, but not currently raining, so hopefully I won't get soaked on the way to the bus stop. My bus stop is 11 1/2 blocks away, mostly downhill from the hospital. (all well lit streets/no mugging zones), so I end up speed walking my way down. On weekdays, the bus leaves at 7:37, and I usually can finish up giving report to the oncoming nurses by around 7:25 or so, and I generally make it in time. I have a whole specific route that I take which is the most efficient way to go, according to stoplights. I go over 1 1/2 blocks, left for 2 blocks, over 1 more, left 1, over 1, left 1, over 1 and left 3 blocks. Just so you know. But don't try to come up and mug me now that you know my route--I have pepper spray. Actually, it is sitting on top of my refrigerator in an unopened package, but I will eventually put it in a pocket--you never know.

Anyway, no rain. At least not right here. Then again, I am sitting in a nursing station in the center of the sixth floor of a hospital with not a window in sight. I last peered outside a few minutes ago whilst I removed a full bedpan from a grateful pt (remember her?? See above..)

I am hoping to watch that episode of Enterprise that we taped on Friday. I haven't had a chance to do that yet.....oh, my busy life. It will be nice to have some time at home, since I am leaving Friday to go to Davinie's house for Morgan's birthday party. I enjoy being home alone. I really need to have a lot of alone time to remain sane, so I like the way my schedule works out. Ethan gets some time alone on the weekends when I work (or on holidays, like today), so that is good for him, too. I think it is good for our relationship in general to have time to ourselves, apart from anyone else.

Okay, I gotta go give report soon, and I need to make sure my patient is still happy.

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