Monday, January 17, 2005

Lunch break..........

Today has been pretty good. Three patients this morning, two have been discharged and one is still here, which means I will get screwed at some point with a bunch of new admissions, but right now, having just one patient is smooth sailing.

Unfortunately, my lunch time is coinciding with Clarisse, our USC, and we are watching divorce court. I hate divorce court. Well, okay.....I would rather watch some other crap, like Days of our lives or Passions, both of which have sucked me in. They are pretty hysterical. A total break from reality, which is nice to have when you are on a lunch break at work. Check out
www. for more info on these kooky soaps. I watch them maybe once a week, but keep updated with the soap opera website. So sad, but awfully entertaining!!

I am looking forward to having tomorrow off--I get to put things in my new drawers! I have 9 drawers on my new bed that are mine alone to fill. I have no dresser, so my underwear and such are in my closet in a hanging wardrobe thing that sucks. I figure, one drawer for socks, one for underwear, and I am not sure about the rest. Suggestions would be welcomed......

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