Monday, May 10, 2010

A bit of a heads up

So, Ethan and I took a total of 2,655 pictures and videos in Europe. I can't bring myself to upload them onto the net until they are edited/cropped/prettified. So. A bit of a wait. I took some lovely pictures, and want to show them at their loveliest. So I am cropping away and color correcting and lightening and sharpening, etc, etc, etc.

I have edited most of Germany (all of my pics--just need to edit Ethan's), and all but the flower pics in Amsterdam. I will post pictures and stories probably Wednesday. I have a very long doctor's appointment that morning, and a Costco trip after that, then I am free to get hand cramps editing pics and posting them. We have oh, so many stories to tell.

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Mama-Beans said...

It's Wednesday. You should know that I'll be refreshing all day long, even though I know you're at work and won't be updating during the daytime hours. I'll still refresh.