Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The next morning, we got up and headed to the nearby town of Boppard. Well, we headed in that direction. The train stations are announced just before you arrive in each town--I knew we needed Boppard, but didn’t realize that there would be TWO towns that were something slash Boppard BEFORE we actually got to Boppard. So, at the second one, I assumed we must actually be in Boppard, and we got off. This was the Bad Salzig-Boppard station. Let me tell you--I know why Bad Salzig is not in the guide books. This teeny town has no tourism whatsoever. We saw not a soul as we wandered the town, killing time until the next train came (about an hour). We did finally see a church, which was just letting out (must have all the people in there). Then we headed back to the train station and continued to Boppard.

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