Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In St Goar, we caught a cheesy ‘train’ (tractor-like thing that pulls little train like cars up the hill) to the ruins of Rheinfels castle. This is supposed to be the most extensive castle ruins on the Rhine river. We were relying on a Rick Steves written tour to tell us how to get around the ruins, along with a map of the ruins from his book

Lesson learnedà Rick Steves does not make the best maps, and his directions are often confusing

We got to about step 8 of 30 before we were a bit lost. Regardless, we wandered through these huge ruins for a while, enjoying the view of the town below us. Beautiful, sunny skies overhead--a great entrance to our trip.

We walked down to town from the ruins, and had dinner on an outdoors sidewalk terrace at Hotel am Markt (a Rick Steves recommended restaurant)

Lesson learnedà Rick Steves recommended restaurants have great food for good prices.

This restaurant is where we were introduced to schnitzels. I have heard of schnitzels, but did not actually know what the were. Let me tell you--they are delicious. It is more a way of cooking meat, rather than an actual type of food. I had a schnitzel with 4 types of potatoes (that was the actual name on the menu). The 4 types of potatoes did include French fries, which I now know are VERY prevalent in Europe. We saw fries being served EVERYWHERE on our trip--even in nice restaurants with fancy meals.

We had a lovely dinner, then took the train back to Bacharach and crashed in our hotel.


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That's a good photo of you!

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