Tuesday, May 04, 2010


We flew to Rome this morning. Early--flight left at 710am. Got here bright and early....but some sort of food poisoning or something intervened whilst on the plane (I will spare you the details), so we were not up to much when we got here.

A slow lunch while we waited for our room to be ready, then over to the Baths of Diocleten, which is also a church whose name escapes me for the moment. Huge awesomeness. I am the queen of balancing my camera on something, then taking time delayed pictures in areas where flash is not allowed. I rock. You will eventually see....there was a man playing a massive like 30 foot tall organ that made haunting music. Awesome. Ethan took video, which I will upload once we get home.

After that church, we were finally able to get into our room, where we took a 1.5 hour power nap. Then over to the Nat'l Museum of Rome....which was no longer renting audioguide headsets (they stop at 5pm, were were there literally at 502. Whatever), so we went to the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Holy huge church, Batman!! Pretty on the outside, with a mass taking place in one of the side chapels. We could hear the chanting and singing. So beautiful to hear in such a pretty place.

After this, it was a long trek up towards the Spanish Steps area for dinner. We accidentaly wandered upon the top of the steps and walked down them. Beautiful!! Purple flowers and foliage among the people.

We found a restaurant tucket into a niche nearby, and had a delicious Italian dinner. Then walked to the Trevi fountain (more delayed timer pics), then the long walk home. And here I am, typing just for you. Now I am handing the computer over to Ethan, and I am off to put my PJs on. We are headed to the Colosseum/Forum/Palatine hill in the am (tour guide), so we've gotta get up bright and early.

Maybe pics tomorrow??

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Anonymous said...

I have to know, how are your heels doing with all that walking??

I hope you found a holy man and had a miracle found for you!

poor baby!