Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our hotel had the absolute steepest stairs I had ever seen (until we went to the Anne Frank House and I saw a veritable LADDER to climb up). They were ridiculously steep with about 6 inches of depth each and even less for the steps that turned near the landing. We were diligent about using the hand rails (both of them) each and every time we walked up or down those stairs! I have a (not so) secret fear of falling down stairs in general, and the additional steepness here was a bit freaky.

Our room was up two of these crazy sets of stairs, and overlooked the backside of the building (not the noisy street). It was a VERY tiny room with simple furnishings and our own sink (bathroom down the hall). We didn’t mind the size or the simplicity, since we didn’t really plan to spend much time in there other than sleeping, anyway. The location was great--midway between Dam square and Westkirk church and the Anne Frank house.

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