Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Where to start, where to start….

We landed in Germany right on time, then figured out the train system to buy a ticket to Bacharach, where we were staying for the next few days. It turns out that a great tip I got from was totally incorrect, so we did not end up getting a regional train pass--we just bought tickets each time we took a train(this was the cheapest way).

Lesson learned-> don’t trust everything you are told by other travelers.

The train took about 1.5 hours to get to Bacharach, passing through other little towns along the way. We changed trains in Mainz, and saw a massive buildup of police around the train station. We were a bit concerned….but we are pretty sure it was all for this massive crowd that emptied off the next train in--I think their favorite soccer team had just had a big victory. A few hundred people with flags and matching shirts and beers in their hands marched from the stadium singing at the top of their lungs. I wish I knew what they were saying!!

When we finally DID get to Bacharach, we relied on a google map I had printed out to get us to our hotel. As it turns out, there is like one street in Bacharach, so it would have been overly difficult for us to get lost, but we were prepared regardless.


Davinie Fiero said...

I like how different things are in different countries. A pillow is not just a pillow. In the US? Rectangular. In Germany? They like 'em big and square.

I don't know if they do this everywhere, but when I was in London, I really liked how doors latched up high. You'd pull the hinge like an airplane seatbelt. I liked those types of door latches. I don't know how my locksmith brother in law would feel about those though....

Mama-Beans said...

Okay I am loving everything so far! Next trip more food notes and pictures. Also, usually in pictures for some reason your coloring really washes out.. I know in this pic of you you're really sunburnt, but you can't tell! It's just one of the few that you can see your actual coloring in real life in! LOVE the castles, that must have been awesome in real person. YAY for Germany!

alyca said... have noticed the interracial couple camera issue. Cameras either make Ethan so dark you can't see him (and I look normal), or I am very pale and ghostly. Can't have both in the same picture, a lot of the time. Tehnology is just not there yet...