Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From here, we headed into the Army museum. They have oodles of military artifacts and information about every war France has fought in. We breezed through up to WWI, then slowed down and got a great, French-view taste of WWI and WWII. Very interesting to see it from their point of view. They *do* live in the area where the war was actually fought--much different than the US, who sent troops abroad to fight, but have not had to deal with a war on home soil. Lots of exhibits had English explanations, and videos were often either closed-captioned in English or repeated in English after the French version. A very good museum.

After several hours of museum touring, we were hungry!! We found a nearby cafe, and sat down to enjoy a lovely French meal. No sooner had we sat down than it started to HAIL outside. Hail. It had been a bit cloudy, but now HAIL. By the time the meal ended, however, it was sunny again. Very fast moving weather in Paris. Our meal was delicious. We had a cheese plate to share, and I had French Onion soup, which is a new favorite of mine. I also had a Parisienne salad, which was pretty much a club salad. Delicious. Ethan had some sort of fish, followed by duck and a dessert (we split) of heaven on earth--a very light apple cinnamon pastry with ice cream

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Mama-Beans said...

YUM.. well, kind of yum. Ethans fish is kind of making me gag, but the rest of it looks awesome!