Saturday, May 29, 2010

An important thing we learned about Paris. Grass. Grass is for looking at, not for walking on. They have this sort of heavy sand in their parks, which is meant to be walked on. Doesn't get muddy when it rains, doesn't get tracked everywhere since the grains are pretty big. Grass is in many areas, but is NOT to be walked on. It is treated like a flower bed--benches are set around it so you can gaze and enjoy, but NOT walk on it. Interesting. The Tuileries garden was beautiful, with huge fountains, sculptures and reflecting pools. Very planned and pretty, and huge. A nice part of our walk. There are some very specific areas in Paris where people ARE allowed to walk on grass--mostly near the Army museum. These areas are packed with soccer and frisbee players. The weather was great at this point, and tons of people were enjoying the outdoors.
We headed from L'Orangerie through the Tuileries Garden, all the way down to the Louvre. From here, we walked back towards the Eiffel tower, then crossed the river Seine and headed back to the Army museum, and the nearby metro stop. All in all (according to google maps..) 7km. We took the metro back to our hotel to recuperate.

The Tuileries Garden

The Louvre, at the end of the Tuileries Garden

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