Saturday, May 29, 2010

Paris Day 3--Monday

We headed out by metro this morning and went straight to Sainte Chapelle, on Ile de la Cite. After waiting in a sloooooow line for like 20 minutes, we were informed that Museum Pass holders skip this we went directly to security, then into the chapel itself. Holy color overload, Batman!! You climb up a teeny stone spiral staircase to get up to the level of the upper (famous) chapel. When you come into the chapel, the light shining through all these massive stained glass windows is totally disorienting. Massive, massive tall windows everywhere, and color just streaming through. We found seats near the middle of the chapel, and sat there for about an hour, just looking at all the scenes in the windows. An usher periodically shushed people who were speaking (signs everywhere remind people to be silent--this is a place of worship), so it was pretty calm inside. After perusing the windows, we made our way back outside into the real world.

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