Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We took a cruise from Boppard back to our home base at Bacharach--about 2 hours in all (it is a 30 minute train ride, in comparison). The cruise was great. They stop at each and every teeny town along the way (maybe 10 or so for our trip) to pick up and let off passengers, and call out info on the castles and towns we see along the way.

Lots of castles. Lots of pictures. Lots of towns that seriously look like Mr Rogers’ neighborhood. So freaking cute, I feel like I am in a fairytale.

Anyway…we had a great time on our little cruise. In Bacharach, we had dinner at a quaint family-owned restaurant with very limited English speaking, so I got to use my Rick Steves menu decoder--it has words in German that you might see on a menu, listed alphabetically so you can decipher what is available to eat.

Lesson learned√† Rick Steves does not have any words in his decoder that are actually present on menus. Well, maybe a few, but not a ton. Not so helpful. In Germany, anyway…

We still managed to have a great dinner, and learned that actual German saurkraut is pretty tasty and not at all like it is in the US. We also had some great salads, but I cannot for the life of me remember what we ate. Probably schniztels.

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Mama-Beans said...

can you imagine how fantastic living in those homes in the bottom picture would be??!!